Can't search tlig messages with keywords.

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Stephen, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen Member

    Hello, the function in order to search the messages with keywords has failed. Does anyone know the reason?

    God bless

  2. David

    David Well-Known Member

  3. Stephen

    Stephen Member

    Doesn't work for me. I see a box quickly flash up that supposed to give you an option to search the entire site or the messages but it quickly flashes off again very quickly leaving me with only an option to search the entire site. I tried switching browsers but still have the same issue. Your other link seems to be a better search option though so I'll bookmark that one instead. Sometimes something better comes out in the end haha. Thanks.
  4. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Stephen, I think I understand the problem you described. If you click on the main 'search' button of the website you do briefly see the two search options (the whole site or the messages) before the page settles on just the entire site search. However, the link does take you to the second option - 'Search in Messages'. That link is accessible if you click on the main 'Messages' button and then click on the 'Message search' link from the right hand side links.

    But basically, the design of the access to the two options can best be described as 'inept'! However, a new site is in the process of being prepared based on Wordpress and I believe a Wordpress search engine will be used.

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