Annunciation and Good Friday

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    This year Good Friday falls on March 25, the date on which we usually celebrate the Annunciation. Pope St. John Paul II saw these two events of Mary’s life—the Annunciation and Good Friday—as profoundly linked to each other, because at each, Mary gave God her unconditional “yes.” Perhaps the date of this year’s Good Friday is an invitation to live these days—Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday—in the company of Mary....

    Under the Cross, Mary again gave back to God her life and her future, but she also gave her Son back to God.... Mary was silent at the foot of the cross because no words could have possibly expressed the suffering, the evil, the greatest human tragedy of Calvary. Yet, Mary’s suffering on Calvary was just as proactive as it was at the Annunciation. We know that because Mary didn’t hide or run, but stayed with Jesus to the end. And we know this also because Jesus entrusted to his Mother the beloved disciple and through him, all of the people that Jesus’ precious blood would save. We know from these words of Jesus—“Mother, behold your son”—and the fact that Mary didn’t protest, that at the foot of the Cross Mary’s yes was complete as she wordlessly offered herself in union with her Son’s sacrifice.

    Mary’s first “yes” at the Annunciation resulted in the Incarnation: the new human life of the Son of God.

    In Mary’s second “yes” on Calvary, she participated in Jesus’ life-giving sacrifice, a sacrifice that would bring new life to the Church through the ages.

    Mary trusted—in that darkest of moments—that God would bring life out of the death of his Son. In this second “yes,” Mary participated in a profound way in the new life that God brings through Jesus—she became the Mother of the Church....

    by Sr. Marie Paul Curley, FSP
    Daughters of St Paul newsletter

    Good Friday And An Account Of The Crucifixion - Divine Slavery....

    and when God is in the city, 4 it cannot fall; today, in this hour of crisis, when the devil gathered all his evil dominion against you, pouring out his contempt upon the nobly born, I, in My turn, call out My chosen ones, as it was My purpose to continue expanding My Church and progressing it, to bring within it many of My children into glory, it seemed to Me right to go through sufferings and become the prototype example for those who would follow Me in the future and become the bone of My Bone, the flesh of My Flesh and continue atoning for their brothers and sisters;
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