A response to Vassula's letters on Pope Francis

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    A response to Vassula's letters on Pope Francis

    The following article from Fr Joseph Iannuzzi is a response to the two letters Vassula sent out on November 13th and 15th concerning Pope Francis. Vassula has described it as 'an excellent article' and encourages its translation into other languages.

    In recent days the True Life in God ecclesiastically approved prophetic revelations of Vassula Ryden on the Vicar of Christ have received an outpouring of attention and applause. Vassula issued two recent letters reiterating the importance Jesus places on remaining loyal to the Pope, and alerting the faithful to the woeful consequences they will cause mankind and the entire Church if they fail to do so.

    As a doctoral alumnus of the Pontifical University of Rome, it is my duty as theologian(1) to inform the faithful of the doctrines contained in said revelations and letters, which are 100% consistent with biblical prophecies and the approved prophetic literature of scores of saints in the Church. One may find these approved prophecies in the latest True Life in God Magazine, Issue 43, September 2019 (cf. link: http://www.tligmagazine.org/Issue43/TLIGmag43/16/

    More pointedly, the contents of Vassula's letters on Pope Francis constitute a clarion call to those who choose to disobey, disparage, calumniate, persecute or condemn Pope Francis, or who shamefully demand his resignation. I here recall Jesus' recent words of August 16, 2019: "Beware of those who condemn the Pope...anyone who condemns the Vicar of My Church cannot be My disciple..." More alarming is the satanic plan to overthrow the Pope, which will bring down disaster for mankind. To Vassula Jesus reveals, "The rebellion is at its work already, but in secret, and the one who is holding it back [the Pope] has first to be removed, before the Rebel appears openly"; "If anyone comes your way and tells you: „move from your fidelity you have for this Pope to another's sound movement'; do not move! beware! the yeast of the Deceiver may be powerful and might taste good, but in reality it is of deadly deception!"

    Let us recall that, unlike his predecessors, Pope Francis did not obtain an S.Th.D. in theology, and yet the most erudite theologian Pontiff Benedict XVI, in response to a series of books advancing Pope Francis' theological approach to the Church and Christian unity, wrote:

    "I applaud this initiative. It contradicts the foolish prejudice of those who see Pope Francis as someone who lacks a particular theological and philosophical formation, while I would have been solely a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete lives of today's Christian... (These books) "reasonably demonstrate that Pope Francis is a man with profound philosophical and theological formation and are helpful to see the interior continuity between the two pontificates, even with all the differences in style and temperament."

    While the Church's teaches that "schism is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him," (2) those who persecute Pope Francis are advancing said schism and also, however unknowingly, Satan's plan to overthrow the Papacy and bring down disaster upon mankind. This Vassula articulated very clearly in her recent letters. To the embarrassment of those who claim Pope Francis is not a real Pope, Jesus emphatically warned all TLIG readers of the legitimacy of Pope Francis' Papacy and of the moral obligation they have to honour him as such (cf. TLIG August 16, 2019). Vassula also noted in her recent letters that Jesus alerted the faithful to Satan's diabolic plan that is happening today, which is to remove the Pope (the "restrainer" of 2 Thes. 2:7) and the Eucharist (the "perpetual sacrifice" of Dan. 9:27, 11:31, 12:11; Mt. 24:15), and replace it with the prophesied "abomination of desolation" (Dn. 11:31), thereby bringing down disaster upon mankind and the Church (cf. TLIG messages Dec. 12, 1987; Dec. 20, 1993). These warnings of Jesus and reiterated by Vassula, are sufficient reason for individuals to desist from persecuting Pope Francis.

    While one may take exception to the grammatical form in which Pope Francis expresses himself, as he does not have that razor-edge theological and formal grammatical precision of Card. Ratzinger, it is reprehensible for one to publicly or through the media calumniate him.(3) As a theologian I can affirm without equivocation that Pope Francis has never preached or written anything that is doctrinally erroneous, despite what the papal-persecutors assert. Here we come to the distinction between form and substance. As Vassula noted in her recent letters, the Bible is not exempt from ambiguous and erroneous grammar (form), but its doctrine (substance) is unassailable. For more info. on this form-grammar binomial distinction, you may refer to ecclesiastically endorsed publication, "A Theological Review of the Ecclesiastically Approved True Life in God Prophetic Revelations"
    (cf. link: http://www.tligmagazine.org/Issue43/TLIGmag43/12/ )

    It is morally reprehensible for anyone, much less a follower of True Life in God, to badmouth the Pope whilst claiming to be a disciple of Christ. Therefore it was with Christian courage and keen spiritual insight that Vassula extended an injunction to all TLIG members to either desist from falsely claiming that Pope Francis is not a valid Pontiff and from persecuting him or to leave TLIG. For the very core of the Christian unity that Jesus articulates in the TLIG messages is predicated on the unity between the Pope and all the members of the mystical body of Christ, which includes the Patriarchs, Bishops, priests and laity. To reject the Pope is to reject the TLIG messages. One must either accept all of that which Jesus reveals in the TLIG messages, or be honest before God and man and walk away for the betterment of others; "Bad company corrupts good morals" (1 Cor. 5:33).

    1. Cf. the Magisterial teaching contained in the CDF's Instruction, Donum Veritatis, On the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian.

    2. CCC, 2089; cf. CIC, can. 751.

    3. Ibid., art 30: "If, despite a loyal effort on the theologian's part, the difficulties persist, the theologian has the duty to make known to the Magisterial authorities the problems raised by the teaching in itself, in the arguments proposed to justify it, or even in the manner in which it is presented. He should do this in an evangelical spirit and with a profound desire to resolve the difficulties. His objections could then contribute to real progress and provide a stimulus to the Magisterium to propose the teaching of the Church in greater depth and with a clearer presentation of the arguments.
    In cases like these, the theologian should avoid turning to the "mass media", but have recourse to the responsible authority, for it is not by seeking to exert the pressure of public opinion that one contributes to the clarification of doctrinal issues and renders servite to the truth.
    31. It can also happen that at the conclusion of a serious study, undertaken with the desire to heed the Magisterium's teaching without hesitation, the theologian's difficulty remains because the arguments to the contrary seem more persuasive to him. Faced with a proposition to which he feels he cannot give his intellectual assent, the theologian nevertheless has the duty to remain open to a deeper examination of the question.
    For a loyal spirit, animated by love for the Church, such a situation can certainly prove a difficult trial. It can be a call to suffer for the truth, in silence and prayer, but with the certainty, that if the truth really is at stake, it will ultimately prevail."​

    Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi, S.T.L., S.Th.D.​
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    Two further responses here to Vassula's letters about Pope Francis and his critics. The first is from Fr Peter Yates CSWG and the second from Fr Vincent Cosatti ofm conv.

    Dear Vassula,

    I want to write and say how shocked I was to learn from your letter that there are members in True Life in God who support the attacks on Pope Francis. As an Anglican monk, I look to the True life in God Messages and everything they say for the Spirit of communion that unites all Christians in Jesus Christ. We have been made aware from the regular Press how much the reforms of Pope Francis are being opposed by a few Cardinal. In the UK, we have a noted and highly respected Dominican friar, whom I know and have conferred with some years ago, and I was profoundly shocked to learn his position, that he was seeking to have a deposition brought against Pope Francis, so as to have him condemned as a heretic.

    Your letter together with the Messages of Jesus that you quote, says everything that needs to be said. Those who condemn the Pope create schism within the Catholic Church. True Life in God is not about schism nor about judging others: it is about unity in the communion of One Spirit, and so it is absolutely right to say that there cannot be any place within its readership for those who are working against the spirit of unity. That would be trying to go in two opposite directions at the same time!

    You mentioned in your letter some contradictions in the Lord’s ministry. There is a further one in St John (Ch. 7:1-10) where he is asked by his brothers whether he is going up to Jerusalem and he says that he is not; and then immediately it tells us that he goes. That is because His will was not His own but surrendered at every moment to the Father’s will: 'My food is not to do my own will of him who sent me.’ (John 4:34) The same will be true of Pope Francis since He is guided by the same Spirit that guided Jesus in his ministry.

    'You are Peter and on this rock of faith I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will never prevail against it.’ In view of these warnings, perhaps we need to re-double our prayers for Pope Francis, and support his courage and transparency. He is through Christ bringing the power of the Spirit not only to the whole Catholic Church but to the hearts and minds of Christians everywhere. We pray also for you, Vassula, who through your prayer support Pope Francis in his ministry of service as a true 'servant of the servants of God'.

    With our prayers and warmest support,

    Peter CSWG


    In Defence of the Pope

    «There’s none so deaf as those who will not hear.» This is how an old proverb expresses the absolute futility of trying to convince someone who, in favour of an even unconscious ‘a priori’, has already decided for or against a certain idea. It seems to me that this is what is happening with those who absolutely want to see in Pope Francis a heretic to be slaughtered or the Antichrist who must come. Although efforts of the official media of the Church to affirm the opposite of what is suspected by Pope opponents, and which tries to reframe the affirmations of the Holy Father – it is true sometimes spoken very spontaneously – nothing can be done : the opponents continue to spread doubt and declare everywhere the so-called «heresy» and «apostasy» of the Pope.

    Let us take just one concrete example, such as the accusations of idolatry for having received within the Vatican a pagan statue representing a pregnant woman, the ‘Pachamama’, and for having thus introduced idolatry into the Church. L'Osservatore Romano, the official information paper of the Vatican, through an article written by Mons. Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel, the bishop of San Cristobal de la Casas (Mexico), writes in its edition of November 12, 2019 that some «condemn these acts as if they were idolatry, an adoration of "mother earth" or other "deities". Nothing of this has happened. They are not goddesses ; there has been no idolatrous worship. These are symbols of realities and experiences typical of the Amazon, which are motivated not only by cultural but also religious reasons but certainly not by adoration, because God alone is worthy of adoration. It is daring to condemn the Pope as an idolater, for he has not been and never will be. At the end of the celebration in the Vatican Gardens, he was asked to say a few words and he simply prayed the Our Father. There is no other God beyond our heavenly Father.» 1

    Have you been made aware of this article by the newspapers you read daily ? Has any traditional or modern media been quick to disclose such a clarifying message ?

    Normally any sane person, after reading such a statement should be able to eliminate any suspicion from his mind and to say to himself «it is good, now I am reassured, certainly I had misunderstood». But no, a lot of people think «the Pope is really in error, the proof is that even some priests, bishops or cardinals oppose him. These prelates are trustworthy and we know that there is no smoke without fire…»

    And if we decide instead to trust in the Messages of True Life in God by which we have been touched - someone in one way and someone else in another way - in the depths of our hearts and have recognized the voice of the Good Shepherd who is reminding His beloved children of the ways of Charity and Wisdom ?

    Everything is an issue of interpretation, as Vassula reminds us in her letter dated November 13, 2019 : «If we wish, we too can persecute Jesus for some contradictions of His words and blame Him. Here are some : When He says one time that we should make peace with one another and with God, then He says in another passage, that He has not come on earth to bring peace but a fire. There are many other passages that if we do not have the Holy Spirit to understand them in the proper way we can misinterpret them.»

    How would we have reacted if, as direct listeners of Jesus in His time, we had heard Him say : «Do not judge, and you will not be judged» (Lk 6:37) when He said at another time : «judge with righteous judgment !» (Jn 7:24) ? In the gospel of John, Jesus says that He does not judge anyone, even though He has just said that the Father “gave Him authority to judge, because He is the Son of Man” (Jn 5:27).

    Vassula is also often accused of judging those who oppose the Pope. But how can the reminder of a prophecy be equated with a judgment of condemnation ? Is it not the Lord himself who asks her to open her mouth to obey His commandment ? « lift your voice without fear and prophesy ; […] “ rebellion is at its work already, but in secret, and the one who is holding it back has first to be removed, before the Rebel appears openly ; ” […] I, Jesus Christ, wish to warn My priests, bishops and cardinals, I wish to warn all My House of a great tribulation ; […] obey My Pope no matter what comes up ; remain faithful to him and I will give you the graces and the strength you will need ; » (March 17, 1993) When a father warns his child of the danger that threatens him at some point in his present or future life, is this judging his child ? Isn’t this rather mercy ?

    Lastly, I would remind all those who accuse Pope Francis of idolatrous worship that they should visit the many pages on the Internet denouncing the so-called «heresy» and «apostasy» of Saint John Paul II, considering him also as an ‘antipope’. From there, it will only take one step for them to affirm that the Church was mistaken on the day she raised Pope John Paul II to the honours of the altars.

    I conclude by quoting a brief passage from an article published in «La Civiltà Cattolica», a review directed by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), which states that «when the Pope, without paying too much attention to rhetoric, undertakes a dialogue, people are at least asked to listen carefully to what he says and how he says it. Removing his question marks when quoting him asking a question, removing temporal nuances from his statements, falsely translating his suggestions into ‘dogmas’, quoting his sentences out of context… all these unfair tricks - used with or without malice - are equivalent to making fun of a fish that has been taken out of the water.»2

    1. http://www.osservatoreromano.va/it/news/e-una-divinita-la-pachamama

    2. Diego Fares S.I., "UN EVENTO DI COMUNICAZIONE NUOVO", La Civiltà Cattolica, 16 novembre 2019.

    Fr. Vincent Cosatti ofm conv
    November 22, 2019

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