15 hidden torments of Jesus being tortured in prison

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    Hidden Passion of Jesus in prison -
    the night of Maundy Thursday to Good Friday


    When the night of Holy Thursday arrested Jesus in the Garden of Olives, the apostles were afraid and everyone fled. Therefore, official sources such as the Gospels do not mention anything about the torture of Jesus at night....

    This is from Fr Adam (Marian Movement of Priests) website which needs translation.


    Its the first time I've ever read about this torture and seen this picture of Jesus .... It was very unusual when I woke up this morning, because I thought the house seems a lot brighter than usual and thought I must've woken up later. However, it was only 7 am and then I read Fr Adam's email which says:

    PICTURE OF JESUS tortured in prison As the sun brightens the houses in which they will worship me in this mysterious image, will warm the coldest apartment and every soul will overflow with joy. How much light radiates from the MY-related eye. (hasn't translated properly)


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