“Our Christian Identity”

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    God expects each of us to witness and invoke unity. We, Greek Catholics, are the living and real model of the unity of the Church, which has been tested for centuries. Therefore, we have to feel responsible for the cause of unity and to be a model of it, Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv Archeparchy Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk said on January 22 during a lecture at UCU entitled “Our Christian Identity.”

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    “...If we as a Church (Primate, bishops, priests and laity) will grow in holiness, change spiritually, then
    God will be able to show a model of unity through us. Personal life and conversion is a huge contribution to the unity of the Church,”
    concluded the bishop.

    I am guessing this means not in endless talking or mutual admiration clubs.Thiswearys the Lord if I remember my TLIG reading correctly!

    I know as a catholic how much we need our brothers and sisters of other branches.
    Its a small thing I do, but I read now and listen and read to what other christians have to say on all matters, no doubt I have been enriched by their insights.

    Since TLIG I now pray for them and ask the help of Holy Souls of other christians

    I love it when protestants see Mary and I have seen hints some of them are moving towards her !!Thank God.

    Here a Baptist met The Blessed Mother and St Therese in a near death experience (link below):

    Gladys didn't want the visit to end.
    "She was my mother, my sister, my friend,"
    she writes, of the Blessed Mother, "all wrapped in one package."

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    Its a God-incidence that her encounter occurred on August 5 .... which Our Lady of Medjugorje says is Her real birthday. It doesn't say whether Gladys converted but no doubt Our Lady will be working on this.

    I remember when my conversion started, I was visiting a Catholic lady I'd just met and I asked her who the photo was on her wall (thinking it was a family member). When she told me it was Mary, I asked if she was on her side of the family or her husband's - and I'll never forget my surprise when she told me it was Jesus' Mother. To me it didn't look like Mary, who I only knew from the Christmas stories told at Anglican Sunday School. Because I was so taken-aback, my friend said that Mary is working on you. At the time I didn't know what she meant, but gradually as I started to read Catholic magazines I realised how much faith I had missed out on because I didn't know about Angels, Saints, etc. I kept saying to her, why didn't I know all this before?

    This year will be my 20th Anniversary, because on Holy Saturday during the Easter Vigil, I was baptized into the Catholic Church on 29th March, 1997 .... and there's still so much more I'm learning, especially about the Orthodox faith.

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